Palermo merchants demand security: We stand with jewelers Cipolla

The business owners in the historic center of Palermo are showing solidarity with the Cipolla jewelry store while waiting for a security task force meeting led by Mayor Roberto Lagalla. The recent theft attempt on August 26th during broad daylight seems to have been the final straw. The incident has struck a chord with the merchants, who are now speaking out and showing support for their colleagues. They feel that they are not being supported or protected by the justice system and law enforcement. The business owners are demanding concrete actions and tangible measures to improve security in the area. The city administration plans to hold a meeting to address these concerns, with the mayor, the historic center department, municipal police, and other municipal agencies involved. The proposed actions include increasing police presence, improving effectiveness of law enforcement, and increasing video surveillance. There may also be pilot interventions in certain areas to regain control of the territory and prevent crime, involving various associations and civic committees.

Palermo, dai commercianti del centro storico la richiesta di sicurezza: «Stiamo con i gioiellieri Cipolla»

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