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Palermo, Massimo Niceta is a candidate for the city council

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PALERMO – Its name is linked to one of the most famous legal events that have occurred in Palermo in recent years: that of the so-called ‘Saguto system’.
The Palermo entrepreneur of the clothing sector Massimo Niceta takes the field with the insignia of the new Christian Democracy of Totò Cuffaro and is a candidate for the municipal council of the Sicilian capital.

Niceta story

This was announced this afternoon by the same entrepreneur and the former governor.
The Niceta story began in 2013 with a maxi seizure of assets ordered by the Prevention Measures section of the court, led by Saguto at the time, which hit the entrepreneur brothers and their clothing stores, but after seven years Massimo Niceta was cleared of all the charges and the release from seizure took place.

“Sicily is not the mafia”

Of that heritage, however, almost nothing remained and the entrepreneur decided to open a shop dedicated to the world of padel.
“I decided to approach politics mainly for two reasons: to create new opportunities for young people so that they do not leave Sicily but remain in our land to come true and so that my story, which is a distortion of the judicial system, can be known, to serve so that others do not suffer what I have suffered and, where possible, do something so that there is a fair justice, a criterion – said Nicetas -.
The Palermo-Sicily-Mafia cliché must no longer exist.
The mafia exists and exists, it is useless to deny it, but it is an evil that must be fought.
Sicily is not all mafia ”.

“DC party of opportunities”

This is Cuffaro’s comment: “The new DC is a party of opportunities, which has made the choice to operate legally and to do so with great moral rigor.
We believe that Massimo’s candidacy can be an example for all of us, or that, despite all the difficulties, we still have respect and trust in justice ”.