Palermo Marathon: 2,000 athletes from Italy and worldwide

Two thousand athletes from Italy and all over the world participated in the 28th edition of the Palermo City Marathon. The race, which includes a half marathon and relay, took place in the city center, passing through historical landmarks and the picturesque Park of Favorita. The event was praised for promoting sustainability and attracting international tourism. Former Italian half marathon record holder, Racid Berradi, expressed support for the race and the idea of relay participation. The event was seen as a positive showcase for the city, and hopes were expressed for Italy’s Olympic success in 2024. Interviews with the city’s Sports Assessor, Sabrina Figuccia, and Racid Berradi were also featured in the video.

Maratona di Palermo, duemila atleti dall’Italia e da ogni parte del mondo

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