Palermo: Man steals moped, attempts car theft, then arrested

The police arrested a man in Palermo who was caught in the act of attempted aggravated theft of a car, aggravated theft of a motorcycle, and escaping from house arrest. The police intervened in the Tribunale-Castellamare district of Palermo after receiving a report of a theft in progress on a car. They arrived at the scene and caught a man trying to tamper with the engine of a vehicle. When he saw the police, he fled on foot but was eventually caught on Via dell’Orologio. Upon further investigation, the police found three different sized keys and a kitchen tool that was presumably used for breaking and entering in his possession. They also discovered a stolen motorcycle nearby. The man was also supposed to be under house arrest, which led to the additional charge. In total, he was charged with three offenses.

Palermo, ruba un ciclomotore e tenta un furto su un’auto: inseguito e arrestato in via dell’Orologio

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