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Palermo, mafia: the Inzerillos, sacks of money and ‘fake’ misery

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PALERMO – On paper, the Inzerillo bosses don’t have enough money to support the family, of blood and not mafia.
Despite low incomes, there is a clear inequality between income and expenditure.
In short, they spent more than they officially earned.

Money of illegal origin

A spy, the latter, of the illicit origin of the money of the run away in America during the mafia war and returned to Sicily for some time.
For cousins ​​Francesco and Tommaso Inzerillo, in recent weeks, the seizure of assets decided by the Prevention Measures section of the Court of Palermo has started.
The proposal was put forward by the Palermo police commissioner on the basis of investigations by the anti-crime division of the police.

Francesco, ‘u truttaturi’

Francesco Inzerillo, known in Passo di Rigano and overseas with the nickname u truttaturthe, and his wife Olimpia Caruso, from 2006 and 2019, declared incomes ranging between 0 and just over 17 thousand euros.
With the exception of 2015, the Inzerillo family was able to count on “sources of income certainly incompatible with purchases”.

The inequality has grown from 23 thousand euros to touch the figure of 232 thousand euros in 2019.
The Inzerillos have obtained loans from a couple of well-known banking institutions.
The doors of credit have opened with a certain ease, unlike many other citizens for whom they too often remain closed.
They paid the installments regularly and ended up paying off the debt early.

Tommaso, called ‘Tamì’

Tommaso Inzerillo, known as Tamì, was seized the “Sicily in Food” wholesale of foodstuffs based in via Castellana 81.
To his cousin Francesco, or rather his wife, the “Karton Plastik” whose warehouse is located at number 83 of the same street.

The companies of Martina Inzerillo and her husband Antonino Lo Presti who are respectively daughter and son-in-law of another Francesco Inzerillo, brother of Tommaso, who to distinguish him from the homonymous cousin is called u nivuru. The companies manage a bar with a betting agency in via Bronte and a pizzeria-poultry shop in via Pietro Scaglione.

And the “Miami Beach” in via Corrado Lancia, also in Palermo, is still under seizure.
The company carries out intermediation and consultancy activities to support businesses.
The owners are Gabriele Militello and Giuseppe Spatola, who is Tommaso Inzerillo’s son-in-law.
And the Edil Color by Alessandro Mannino, already convicted of mafia, grandson of Salvatore Totuccio Inzerillo, one of the first victims of the mafia war of the Eighties.

The list of assets that pass into judicial administration is completed with bank reports and deposits, and machines to always buy in the years in which, official accounts in hand, the Inzerillos could barely get lunch and dinner on the table.

Image that clashes with their mafia initiative and in the business cultivated between the United States and Sicily.
Tommaso Inzerillo, for example, in an interception that remained mysterious even referred to “bags” full of money and to relations with Frank Calì, killed in March 2019.
Not by the mafia.