Palermo mafia crackdown: 7 arrested, shop used as clan meeting point – NAMES

The Mobile Squad of Palermo and the investigative section of the SCO, delegated by the anti-mafia district directorate, carried out the arrest order against 7 suspects charged with various crimes, including mafia association, robbery, and extortion, aggravated by mafia methods. The investigation outlined the activities of the mafia association in the western area of Palermo, specifically in the mafia district of Resuttana. The suspects were found to be involved in extortion and robbery, some of which were already in custody following a previous investigation. The evidence also pointed to their participation in the Resuttana mafia family, with one of the suspects owning a business used as a meeting place for the mafia group. The judge recognized their responsibility for a robbery and three extortions, all aggravated by mafia methods. The aggravating factor of acting with typical mafia methods was recognized for all the crimes. During the operation, a Scorpion long gun with an erased serial number was found in one of the suspects’ homes.

Palermo, nuovo colpo alla mafia di Resuttana: 7 in carcere, un negozio era punto di incontro per il clan – I NOMI

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