Palermo mafia bust: 7 arrested, shop was meeting point

The mobile team of Palermo and the investigative section of the SCO, on delegation from the anti-mafia district directorate, carried out the order of custody in prison against 7 defendants considered responsible, in various capacities, for mafia-style criminal association, robbery, and extortion, aggravated by the mafia method. The investigative activities have once again allowed to outline the operation of the mafia-style association, falling in the western area of the city and in particular on the mafia district of Resuttana. The evidence has allowed to crystallize other episodes of extortion operated by the individuals in the reference district, some of whom were already in custody following the previous investigation. The new investigations have provided strong evidence of participation in the mafia family of Resuttana against two of the defendants, one of whom is the owner of a business in that area of the city, used as a meeting point for some members of the mafia group. The evidence recognized the responsibility for a robbery and three extortions, aggravated by the mafia method. During the operation, a long gun model Scorpion with an erased serial number was found at the home of one of the recipients of the restrictive measure.

Palermo, nuovo colpo alla mafia di Resuttana: 7 in carcere, un negozio era punto di incontro per il clan

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