Palermo. Lost places found, time stopped by the Belice earthquake in a photographic book

Uno splendid photographic book, published on the occasion of the anniversary of the Belice earthquake (the night between 14 and 15 January 1968). In Poggioreale, time stopped suddenly and took a different direction: a parallel universe made of abandoned and destroyed streets and houses in which the work of time and abandonment was added to that “time of the earthquake” that it stopped everything, freezing things, houses and even the air. Roberta Giuffrida’s black and white photos give back the sense of this ancient abandoned village.

“Lost places found” collects the photos that Roberta Giuffrida took in Poggioreale, a village in the Trapani area abandoned after the Belìce earthquake. With the photographs of this book, Roberta Giuffrida won the first prize of the contest “Un posto per ZeroBook” in 2019, chaired by Armando Rotoletti. The annual competition promotes the photography of abandoned places and aspects of the human landscape and on which the lens is aimed for greater attention and care, and for a recovery in the collective memory.

“What are you seeing? Before you are the dramatic findings of an earthquake (1968) which uprooted men, animals, houses; a destiny of death that our photographer challenges, releasing new reasons for life with her vision. But in front of us there are also buildings destroyed by undoubtedly catastrophic natural events that have become signs of memory, capable of telling us about a past time on which we do not want oblivion to descend ”(from the Presentation by Pippo Pappalardo).

23 February 2021 | 10:04