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Palermo, limbo Covid lawyer and professor with the green pass seized

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The investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office.
The lawyers appeal

PALERMO – They live in limbo. The green pass was seized from him because he was allegedly released under one of the fake vaccinations discovered by the Digos policemen.
49 were those that emerged in the investigation of the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office which led, in recent days, to the new arrest for the nurse Giorgia Camarda, an employee of the Civic hospital who was working overtime at the hub of the Mediterranean Fair.

Some of the protagonists of the fake vaccinationsHowever, serological tests have proved to the contrary.
The tests show the presence of a high number of antibodies that would not derive from the Coronavirus infection, nor from the administration of the first dose.
In short, they are convinced that they have done the second dose.
Yet the nurse was filmed by cameras as she dumped the contents of the syringe into gauze.

This is the case of a lawyer who is also a professor.
Through her lawyer, Alessandro Martorana, the woman will appeal to the review court against the seizure of the green pass.
The reason is twofold.
First: can a criminal seizure intervene in an administrative procedure what is the issue of the green pass?

Second: the serological test confirms the presence of a high number of antibodies.
People who, unbeknownst to them were involved in the fake vaccinations, despite being in favor of the vaccine, are now afraid of being given a new dose given the presence of antibodies.