Palermo, lights on in theaters to ask to reopen

They turned on the lights to testify that they are still alive and ready to reopen. Sicily responded to the appeal of Unita, the union of theater and audiovisual interpreters, and so from the Massimo theater in Palermo to the Musco and the Stabile di Catania they turned on the lights last night to launch their signal. Minister for Culture Franceschini on the possibility of a return to the activity of theaters and cinemas.

The Biondo Theater and the Al Massimo Theater also joined Palermo. We wanted to join the initiative – explains the director of the Al Massimo theater Aldo Morgante – because we join the chorus of requests for attention that comes from all national theaters, with the hope of being heard because theater is not only cultural enrichment but also business and therefore work for hundreds of workers, who have been standing still for too long and awaiting answers on their future “.