Palermo leads the Mediterranean open to China, Orlando's pact with Ctrip's CEO


The mayor Leoluca Orlando, accompanied by the staff office for international relations composed of Leonardo Di Franco and Donatella Gariffo, together with Giusi Tamburello, consultant for relations with China, met the CEO of CTrip, one of the main travel agencies online Chinese, Bourne Sun. The meeting served to illustrate the report "Palermo Porta Mediterranea" already delivered to the Chinese authorities on the occasion of President Xi Jinping's visit and which describes the potential of the city for tourists and entrepreneurs, telling the change of the last years and investment opportunities.

The mayor underlined the strategic role of the “Falcone e Borsellino” airport of which the Municipality and the Metropolitan City of Palermo are the majority shareholders, illustrating the development perspectives and the characteristics …

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