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Palermo, last call for the center-right

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What can happen in the next few hours.
What are the most accredited names.

This is not a good time to be a center-right voter in Sicily, from the point of view of the mood.
Divisions, conflicts and controversies have made the coalition a kind of House of the Great Burden (for those who sympathize from outside) with the more or less karst quarrel on the agenda.
And the splits not made manifest are almost worse than the explicit ones, in a party trench climate to the last ‘the best is me’.
In Palermo you have to choose this blessed candidate for mayor, but all the competitors in the field are convinced that they are the solution to the problem.
They don’t want to take a step to the side, let alone one back.

Who knows men and things he reconstructs a bit through gritted teeth, with the promise of anonymity: ‘Why would anyone give up? Carolina Varchi he is young, bright and has a following.
Roberto Lagalla he is a quality moderate and we are talking about a former rector. The two ‘Ciccio’ they would be, in their own way, the squaring of the circle.
If you apply Cascio in Palermo, the Region belongs to the League or to Musumeci.
If you apply Scoma, even better: the League in Palermo, Musumeci to the Region and Miccichè president of Ars.
So they are all happy.
Totò Lentini he is truly someone who knows the city and has already come out with the posters, with the program… ‘.
The last kick of the drum was the confirmation of Scoma.

Tomorrow, in Rome, there should be a vertex which, with its mouth officially closed, is defined as ‘decisive’.
Circulates the name of Francesco Cascio as a possible synthesis.
The Melonians will not be seated at that table.
One of the two: either they have decided to run alone, so they do not consider it appropriate to present themselves.
Or, a hypothesis that appears more likely, Brothers of Italy will want to confront once ‘the other center-right’ (the one who rules with the left, Varchi dixit) will have found his candidacy.
Because playing it one-on-one, avoiding foreplay, could be a more profitable strategy.

Things of politics, in fact, internal settling of accounts, even for personal reasons – flesh and blood come into play – and moved to divide a stake that, in those parts, is given for sure.
But, in the meantime, in Palermo, the center-left already has a candidate, Franco Miceli, engaged in the titanic work of those who have to make people forget the last years of the Orlando administration, without disavowing them and, therefore, disavowing themselves.
A very difficult undertaking that could, however, receive unexpected help from those who believe they have already won.
Room for the last attempt.
Then, everyone will be free.