Palermo Lagalla takes office. Orlando, rights and the fight against the mafia are the priorities

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This morning, at 9.30, at Palazzo delle Aquile, inauguration ceremony of the new mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla.
Greetings from his predecessor Leoluca Orlando.
The new administration, warns the five-time mayor, «will have to deal with the vision of a city of rights, open and welcoming, a Mediterranean and tourist city whose international image has profoundly changed: from the capital of the mafia to the capital of rights.
This is a path – unfortunately and certainly – not irreversible and on which it is necessary to be vigilant ».
The fight against the mafia “And its perversions and articulations” is not only a legal, moral and civil duty, “but it has been and must continue to be an essential condition both for the promotion of the rights of all, as well as for the international attractiveness and promotion of ‘welcoming migrants and tourists at the same time ”.

This commitment, adds Orlando, «has distinguished him extraordinary cultural change of Palermo, for which I express my heartfelt thanks to all citizens and to all citizens.
A change, a heritage – the result of years of great sacrifices, intense work and great civil passion – to defend and promote that cannot and must not be lost ».
In short, he reiterates, «mission accomplished, to be completed.
In fact, the new administration will have to overcome harmful political criticalities that have emerged in recent times and face also structural and system difficulties for which we have envisaged and implemented possible solutions.
The hope is that action will be taken respecting the change in the city and the choices that have led to this change ».


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