Palermo judge’s lawyer says he is unwell, shouldn’t go to prison

Lawyer Ninni Reina, legal representative of former magistrate Silvana Saguto, who was arrested yesterday on the order of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Caltanissetta after the Supreme Court confirmed and made final, for certain charges, the sentence of conviction against her for corruption, has requested a suspension of the execution of the sentence for his client. The request, filed with the supervisory judge, is motivated by the poor health conditions of the former judge, who was taken into custody yesterday by the finance department while she was hospitalized in a local clinic. The medical professionals had expressed their opposition to her transfer to prison. In the alternative, the lawyer has requested for Saguto to be placed under house arrest. According to calculations by the General Prosecutor’s Office, the former president of the preventive measures section in Palermo must serve 7 years and 10 months.

Palermo, il legale del giudice Saguto: «Sta male, non deve andare in carcere»

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