Palermo: Judge rejects workers’ request for permanent Covid job

The labor judge of Palermo has rejected the appeal of three healthcare workers who, having worked during the Covid emergency, asked the Civic health company to convert their temporary employment into permanent employment and to pay the salary differences and the Tfr from the start of their employment. The workers claimed to have performed tasks for the health company from the start of their employment, equivalent to healthcare workers as stipulated in the national labor contract. The Arnas hospital company, led by Roberto Colletti, opposed the request, assisted by lawyer Girolamo Rubino. According to the lawyer, the workers had not provided any evidence proving the subordinate nature of the employment relationship, which was actually an independent work relationship.

Palermo, hanno lavorato al Civico per l’emergenza Covid: il giudice respinge la loro richiesta di assunzione a tempo indeterminato

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