Palermo jewelry store faces daylight robbery: “We live in fear”

Another attempted theft in Palermo. This time, the target was the Cipolla jewelry store on via Giovanni Meli, at the corner of vicolo San Domenico. Five criminals arrived in a gray car in front of the store’s shutters at around 3 pm – an unusual time considering the flow of tourists and locals in the historic center of the city. Armed with hoodies, balaclavas, and hoods, they began to force open the locks of the jewelry store. However, the alarm went off when they lifted the shutter about 5 centimeters, causing the well-organized group to flee. Security camera footage captured the tools they had with them in the car trunk: picks, hammers, and other instruments. Fortunately, the store did not suffer any significant damage, except for the promptly repaired locks. This is not the first time the jewelry store has been targeted. Two years ago, a failed burglary attempt had already occurred, where the windows withstood 72 blows from a hammer. The thieves, like this afternoon, had no choice but to flee empty-handed. The owners of the store, Manuela Monaco and her husband Christian Cipolla, received the alarm notification and immediately rushed to the store. They alerted the authorities who obtained the surveillance camera footage. Monaco comments on the scene witnessed in the videos, stating that it was absurd and that the thieves were highly organized. They had three individuals acting as lookouts while the other two worked on the locks and the shutter. However, what surprised them the most was the content of the car trunk: it was filled with tools, hammers, an impressive sight. Monaco expresses great respect for the police, acknowledging the work they do, but mentions that those who live by such activities seem to outnumber them. They, like all business owners, take necessary security measures such as alarms and private security subscriptions, but they feel like they are living in constant fear and fighting a small war every day.

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