Palermo, Italy: the MOST Energetic City in Sicily! (Italy is SO different than Germany & the US)

This video was filmed prior to when Russia invaded Ukraine and before we started hosting a Ukrainian family. We wanted to post …


  1. No jobs that’s why everyone left it’s very corrupt unless you come
    From money no way you can live

  2. Palermo looks beautiful, I've been wanting to go for ages! And those cannoli and ice cream at the end look incredible!

  3. This video is full of generalizations, sterotypes, and incorrect portraits of all three countries mentioned. You've seen one place (partially and with a biased POV) and suddenly you feel entitled to make categoric statements about a whole country? Shame on you. You should know better.

  4. I LOVED the flavor pink ice cream! 🤣 Having 3 grand daughters…pink is definitely a flavor!!! Willa is just precious. ❤️🙏

  5. It helps to look where you are going especially when pushing a baby stroller.

  6. Just discovered your channel! I love this video. Sicily is so incredibly special and the people are amazing and friendly. I love how family oriented they are and just how welcoming and kind they are! So so much to see and do 💕

  7. i think to fall in love for willa , she is too cute and very funny , however i appraciate a lot yours comments on sicily, a kiss from a sicilian .
    however have good trip , and i hope you come back in future ,bye 😄

  8. I'm Sicilian and while watching this video, I was wondering why you chose to visit Palermo. What are the info you had about it before the departure? I like to discover what foreigners think about Sicily! Thank you and enjoy your travels 👋🏻

  9. Grazie per aver visitato la mia città ! Nonostante abbia molti problemi organizzativi sono contento che abbiate passato dei giorni felici quí da noi , grazie!

  10. Ciao, first time I see one of your videos, being Italian I allow myself to answer two things you have said. When she was talking about Confetti, I suppose the video was taken during Carnival time, it is very typical at that time to see the floors of the streets and squares with "coriandoli". 😁 When you explained about kisses between men, you are right, it is not a 100% Italian custom, it is more typical to see it in southern Italy. We in the north of Italy are more of shaking hands, we are colder I would say 😜 New follower.

  11. As much traveling as I’m hearing you guys do it sounds like you could used a reasonable sized van to travel and live in. I’ve heard of people building out some type of vehicle (one family had a huge thing they built and took their—I forget how many—kids with them. They shipped it and traveled all over. Sounds wonderful!

  12. Germans love Italy. It’s a go to travel location bc of that lay back atmosphere, amazing food and beautiful people 🙂

  13. I really enjoyed your video. 👌🏼
    Great channel. 🤝 ⭐️
    Greetings from Albania. 👋🏼🇦🇱

  14. This is so awesome guys! So cool to see what people are doing after high school! Your little girl is adorable! I’m so jealous you two are in Sicily I’ve always wanted to see Sicily that’s where my ancestors are from!

  15. After all your excursions in the German winter, you've really earned sunny Palermo.

  16. Thanks guys for coming to Palermo and shooting this video. You are a beautiful family ✨💚

  17. Ciao from Palermo! Happy that you enjoyed Palermo… or "this organized chaos"! 😀

  18. Great video, great footages. Villa is getting cuter on each video. Thank you for sharing your experiences and as always I enjoyed watching your video.

  19. Well done 😘 Palermo is a beautiful city and I'm lucky beacause I live near Palermo. For information you can ask me ☺️

  20. 12:00 This ancient dessert is called "Cassata Siciliana"
    More here —>

    A variation is "Cassata al Forno"

    There is also an another similar dessert: the "Sfoglio delle Madonie". It's similar to the cassata al forno but the filling is a bit different (ricotta or tuma sweet).
    Fun fact: there is a dispute between Polizzi and Petralia Soprana, two villages in the Regional Natural Park of the Madonie, on who invented first the sfoglio. These two type of sfoglio tastes different.

    All of these desserts was invented before the 1600, the cassata siciliana is more ancient

    I'm happy that you liked my city 🙂

  21. I was in January in Catania Sicily.The sun was so bright that had to do a 2 hours siesta in my dark bedroom. It was just to much. Also my skin was staring to get red.The Italians are always nice, but unfortunately often unreliable. So it can be that your host is coming a couple hours late, or doesnt even no you are coming.

  22. Thank for the wonderful video 🙂 Palermo is my city and you’ve created a beautiful portrait of it ♥️ thank you for showing the world the power of my city 🙂 happy you had a good time ♥️

  23. I know many Americans travel to Paris when thinking about Europe but Italy is just the place to be if you want all the vibes, amazing food, great people and a lot of relaxing. It is also very unique because of the differences between the north and the south.

  24. Did you meet a guy who did funny grimace to your baby girl and she responded 😂, when you was in Mondello??

  25. What was the garden called? And where did you watch the sunset? Thank you x

  26. I'm visiting Palermo in two weeks and this video has made me SO excited ✈🙏🏼🥰💓

  27. 1 Cannolo ..many Cannoli…no need for adding "s" at the end, the term "Cannoli" is already plural

  28. By the way . did you know there is a connection between Palermo and Germany : In the middle ages , for a short term , Friedrich der Zweite ,( von Hohenstaufen, "Stupor mundi"), emperor of Germany made Palermo capital of his empire and so capital of Europe, and until now , some people of Palermo still put roses on his tomb in the cathedral .

  29. Best thing to do in Winter is going way down south , Italy or Spain. Palermo is tough , most italians would say its already Africa . The north is different , "il belpaese" you`ll find from Venice to Rome . ( wasn`t the volcano Etna active at the time ? Taormina is a great Place .)