Palermo is the most sharing city, Orlando: “Clear cultural change”

Editorial team 27 September 2021 11:58

Share According to the data processed by the National Observatory on sharing mobility, Palermo is the city (among the six analyzed: Turin, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Cagliari and Palermo) that has exceeded the average “sharing” values ​​of 2019 in all services : scooter sharing, bike sharing and car sharing. “It is the confirmation – declares the mayor Leoluca Orlando – of an evident cultural change on mobility strongly desired by the municipal administration and shared by Palermo and by many tourists who internationally recognize the efficiency and importance of sustainable mobility that in Palermo collects important results “. “Sharing mobility – declares Councilor Giusto Catania – is one of the sustainability strategies envisaged by the urban plan of sustainable mobility of the Municipality of Palermo. We will continue to invest in the choice of reducing the use of private vehicles, the next step will be the expansion, also through private individuals, of the bike sharing service so as to increase the use of bicycles in urban travel. “

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