Palermo, investigations by the prosecutors on Berlusconi on statements by Graviano

New investigations by the Florentine prosecutor for the investigation involving Silvio Berlusconi and Marcello Dell’Utri, as part of the investigation into the 1993 massacres in Florence, Rome and Milan, opened and closed several times since the 1990s. This is what L’Espresso, Repubblica and Il Fatto report. The new checks started about one ago, after Giuseppe Graviano, head of the Brancaccio district of Palermo, spoke before the Assize court of Reggio Calabria, in the so-called trial of the “‘Ndrangheta massacre” in which he was sentenced to life imprisonment . Speaking before the judges, Graviano accused the Forza Italia leader of having done business with his grandfather, who allegedly handed over 20 billion lire to Berlusconi to invest in real estate. Statements that would have caused an acceleration of the investigation. The purpose of the investigators, as always reported by the newspapers, is precisely to investigate the alleged economic relations that would have occurred in the past between the Graviano family and Berlusconi’s group. The investigation is now in the hands of the deputy prosecutors Luca Turco and Luca Tescaroli, who recently went on a trip to Palermo, to carry out some inspections and checks on what Giuseppe Graviano said in relation to the money that would have been paid by his family to Berlusconi. In the months preceding their trip to Palermo, the Florentine prosecutors, the newspapers report, would also have listened to Giuseppe Graviano in prison, who would have answered their questions at length, to ask him for an account of the statements made at the Reggio Calabria trial Interrogated in the same days in prison also Filippo Graviano, brother of Giuseppe. Both were arrested on January 27 26 years ago in a restaurant in Milan.

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