Palermo inmate at Ucciardone refuses to enter cell and assaults an agent

The content reports another attack on a police officer in the Maresciallo Di Bona prison in Palermo, Italy. The assault took place in the ninth section, where a prisoner refused to return to their cell and kicked and pushed the officer on duty. Despite being alone, the officer managed to avoid some blows and call for help from other staff members. The officer was taken to the hospital with a prognosis of seven days. The union Cnpp expresses its frustration with the increasing number of injuries and openly challenges the prisoners’ defiance towards the officers. They have been urging for portable anti-assault systems due to the lack of personnel, which often results in officers working alone. The regional Cnpp secretary extends their solidarity to the injured colleague.

Palermo, detenuto all’Ucciardone si rifiuta di entrare in cella e picchia un agente

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