Palermo: Indoor greenhouse found in Falsomiele box, father and son in trouble.

The Carabinieri of the Palermo Villagrazia station have arrested a 60-year-old man from Palermo and reported his 30-year-old son to the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged possession, cultivation and production of drugs and aggravated theft of electricity while at liberty. During a territorial control operation in the Falsomiele neighborhood, the officers caught the two men coming out of a garage where they were managing an indoor cannabis cultivation operation, which had been under surveillance for abnormal activity in the area for several days. Inside the building and the related residence, the Carabinieri found over 60 cannabis plants, averaging about a meter in height, along with over a kilogram of hashish and marijuana ready for retail sale, considering the packaging material found. The illicit activity was carried out using equipment for heating and irrigation powered by an illegal connection to the electrical grid, discovered with the help of Enel technicians. The processing and subsequent introduction of the drugs into the underground market could have yielded tens of thousands of euros. The arrest was validated by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Palermo Court. All equipment was seized, and the drugs were sent to the Narcotics Analysis Laboratory of the Palermo Provincial Command for technical analysis.

Palermo, scoperta una serra indoor in un box di Falsomiele: nei guai padre e figlio

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