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Palermo, inauguration of the new intensive care unit at the Polyclinic

Seven new beds. Technologically advanced

The new intensive care unit of the Giaccone Polyclinic in Palermo was inaugurated, in the presence of the Councilor for Health Ruggero Razza, the Rector of the University of Palermo Fabrizio Micari and the Extraordinary Commissioner Alessandro Caltagirone.

Also present were the Directors of the Departments and the Technical and Strategic Management.

Seven beds on 700 sqm, 5 in open space and 2 in single hospitalization with air and contact isolation for the most serious infectious syndromes (SARS, MERS COVID – 19). Technologically advanced both for the latest generation automatic ventilators able to manage severe respiratory insufficiencies such as ARDS caused by infectious agents such as SarsCov2 and for invasive and non-invasive monitoring systems.

“The first step of a structural and technological implementation activity of the Giaccone Polyclinic – said Caltagirone – which I was able to carry out having been mandated by the Health Councilor, in concert with the Rector and which already now and for the next few months will allow to this company to make a qualitative leap, enhancing the high professionalism it possesses and providing a high quality of assistance and training-educational to the territory of the Sicilian Region “.

“Today I am particularly satisfied because I finally see the strong acceleration that my Administration has impressed on all the other parts of the University finally realized, even at the Polyclinic – commented the Rector Micari – In recent years at the Polyclinic we had not yet managed to change gear , to create that dynamic of growth that we have instead achieved on the number of students, on the training offer, and on the active presence in the territory. Today, however, the goal has been achieved thanks to the commitment and determination of the new Extraordinary Commissioner, Alessandro Caltagirone, and the considerable support of the Health Department. In these six months, since the appointment of Caltagirone, we have reopened IMI, created a new intensive care unit, redefined governance and made an important contribution in the fight against COVID on all fronts, from diagnosis with swabs to therapy, and today to prevention with vaccination “.

“Lately, in our region, I have inaugurated several structures and especially Intensive Areas of fundamental importance, in a complex moment for Italy and for our Region burdened by the pandemic which as you know these days is in a phase of resurgence, declared the Councilor Race. These beds will support our health system which currently stands and are the confirmation that with the commitment it is possible to resolve disputes that have brought some regional health structures to a standstill and to open excellent structures that are and will remain at the service of citizens. “.

“The School of Anesthesia and Intensive Care of the Giaccone Polyclinic has a high level of professionalism and ranks among the first in Italy for scientific production – said Antonello Giarratano, Director of the Emergency and Urgency Department – I 76 trainees who will soon take up service will have the opportunity to train and grow in a context of high specialization and qualification included in the broader project that the Commissioner ad acta Tuccio D’Urso will bring to completion and that, when fully operational, will bring the Emergency Urgency structure of the Giaccone Polyclinic in Palermo to have 31 intensive area beds, 18 of Intensive Short Observation and 5 Operating Theaters on one floor and one complex “.

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