“Palermo in the yellow zone if the infections continue to drop”

“I expect a further decline in infections and that the president of the Region, based on the data, will also recognize the city of Palermo as yellow”. Thus the mayor Leoluca Orlando in the light of the latest data on infections that have recorded a sharp decline in the epidemiological curve in the city.

Sicily at the moment is still forced into the orange zone, but starting next week (Monday 17 May) it could move into the yellow zone. “We come from two weeks of red areas that have produced positive effects if it is true that the infections have decreased – adds Orlando -. We hope that they continue to decline and that we can move to the yellow area. What is important is not being yellow, white or orange but it is to respect the prescriptions. I appeal to citizens not to charge the economic operators who have already suffered enough and it is irresponsible to attack their own health but also the economic health of the city. Sardinia has gone from white to red zone, I don’t think it is the fault of their regional president or the prime minister, I think it is the fault and responsibility of many Sardinians: I hope there is not the same recklessness on the part of the people of Palermo “.

“In this perspective of protecting the right to health and economic activities – concludes Orlando – I held many meetings with the representatives of the economic categories of the city most severely affected, such as merchants and restaurateurs. This continuous dialogue serves to build a climate of mutual trust. for a common goal: to save life but also to save the city’s economy “.

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