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Palermo, in the shadow of the noble palaces, a tangle of alleys and courtyards: new meeting at the Seminary on the Four Mandaments

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As part of the seminar “Palermo: the Four Districts between pre-existing, heterogeneity and beauty” organized by BCsicilia and the Rettoria S.
Francesco Saverio, the conference entitled: “In the shadow of the noble palaces …
a tangle of alleys and courtyards: heterogeneity of the population of the four districts.
Yesterday and today”.

After the presentation of Alfonso Lo Cascio, BCsicilia Regional President and Don Massimiliano Lo Chirco, Rector of the Church of S.
Francesco Saverio, the intervention of the Anthropologist Rita Cedrini is foreseen.
The coordination of the initiative is by Cinzia Carraro and Caterina Giordano.
The meetings will be held at the S.
Francesco Saverio Church in Via S.
Francesco Saverio in Palermo.

The program then continues with the last conference, which will be held on Thursday 21 April at 5 pm with a lecture by Marcello Panzarella, Professor of the Department of Architecture at the University of Palermo, entitled “Palermo, historic center: the tremendous beauty”.
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The city is always the result of the diktat of the times of history.
The architectures that draw the skyline are not only an aesthetic product that recites the stylistic modules of an artistic climate, but the reasons for the construction of societies that have managed power.
The historic houses preserve the spatial organization of environments that mark the reasons for the experience.

Legacy of that past, the residences reveal the needs of a world which, if it has exhausted its historical task, remains tangible testimony of the scenario of a world where the rules of appearing were unavoidable values.
Toponymy today recalls how over time the city has been transformed into the dialogic relationship that runs between permanence and innovation, between tradition and new solicitations.
Exploring the spatiality of the experience of ancient residences allows us to understand the social organization, the quality of life, the taste of an era that made aristocratic houses a microcosm, a projection of the broader social and political macrocosm.

Rita Cedrini taught Cultural Anthropology at the University of Palermo.
She has been consultant of the Region for the BIT of Milan, of the Rector of the University of Palermo for the organization of major events of the University, member of the Regional Council of Architectural and Landscape Heritage, member of the Regional Commission of the REI, consultant by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Municipality of Palermo for cultural activities relating to the historic center.

Consultant for the Cultural Heritage Council of the Armed Forces of Palermo.
For the Region he designed and carried out the recovery of the former Florio di Favignana factory and the census of the Sicilian beams.
For over 10 years he has been a member of the Regency Council of the Bank of Italy.
She is the author of over 130 publications.
You have organized exhibitions and lectured in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Parnu, Zagreb, Marseille, Saint Petersburg, Tunis.