Palermo in the “red zone”: the rules for leaving the house


From tomorrow, Wednesday 7 April 2021, and until 14 April, Palermo will be the red zone. Here are the rules for leaving the house.



They are prohibited unless motivated by proven work needs or situations of necessity. The return to one’s residence, domicile or home is always allowed. Movements to private homes other than one’s own are not permitted.

Therefore, it is forbidden to move within your own municipality and obviously also outside or outside the region, as long as it is not justified and certified. Walks allowed only near their homes. Transit, in and out, from the municipal area to return to one’s home, home or residence is always allowed.

The transit, in and out of the municipal area, is allowed for health and social-health workers, for personnel involved in assistance to activities relating to the emergency, for the entry and exit of food and health products. and essential goods or services, to reach further territories not subject to travel restrictions. Transit, in and out, remains permitted to guarantee the activities necessary for the care and breeding of animals and the non-deferrable business activities connected to the biological cycle of plants.

In the Government FAQ: Me and mine spouse / partner we live in different cities for work needs (or for other reasons). Will it be possible for me or for him / her to reach him / her? It will be possible only if the place chosen for reunification coincides with the one in which you have your residence, domicile or home, defined as in the previous FAQ.

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN “residence”, “domicile” and “home”

Residence. Residence is legally defined as the place where the person has his or her habitual residence. The residence results from the personal registers and is therefore knowable in a precise and verifiable way at any time.
Domicile. Domicile is legally defined as the place where a person has established the principal place of business and interests. The domicile may be different from one’s residence.
Dwelling. The concept of dwelling does not have a precise technical-legal definition. For the purposes of applying the anti-Covid measures, therefore, the home must be identified as the place where one actually lives, with a certain continuity and stability (therefore for continuous periods, even if limited, during the year) or with usual periodicity and frequency (for example on certain days of the week for work, study or other needs). To give an example, people who for work reasons live in a place other than that of their spouse or partner, but who meet him / her regularly and periodically in the same home, can move to reach that home.


Transit to reach second homes (non-main homes) is prohibited on entry and exit.


Closed shops. Only the commercial establishments of essential products are guaranteed: newsstands, pharmacies, grocery stores, hardware stores, tobacconists, electronic products, bookstores and other basic necessities. In the exercises the usual security measures are valid: distance, mask, quota entrances.


Activities related to personal services such as barber and hairdressing salons and beauticians are suspended

palermo red zone schoolsRESTAURANTS AND BARS

The restaurants are closed, only home delivery and take-away is allowed until 10pm. The bars are open only for take-out until 6pm.


National provisions will also apply to schools, therefore, school and teaching activities will be in attendance only up to and including sixth grade. For all other school activities the DAD is foreseen.


Covid, Musumeci signs the order: Palermo is the red zone

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