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Palermo in de facto lockdown, restaurateurs: 'Net drop in business' VIDEO

“It seems to have gone back to last year when there was a curfew. The expensive bill is a big blow “

PALERMO – In Palermo for some time the streets of the center, but not only, have emptied. This is due to citizens’ fear of getting infected. However, trade suffers the consequences.

Many prefer to keep the shutters down so as not to burden even more management costs which are already high today and to these is also added the expensive bill that is giving a further blow to all activities.

“The color of Sicily has changed since Monday, but technically very little has changed for us. Unfortunately, the findings are exhausting. Until a few weeks ago we lived with losses around 40 – 50%, now we have reached losses around 70 – 80%, because during the week there are few people around; just take a walk around 21 – 21. 30 and it seems to have gone back to a year ago when there was a curfew. Now the expensive bill has arrived, which have doubled compared to last year “. This was declared by Antonio Cottone, owner of the pizzeria La Braciera and president of Fipe Confcommercio.

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“Many prefer to remain closed to take advantage of the accumulated holidays – continued Cottone -, this helps but helps little. We come from a December which usually means 20% of our turnover which is absolutely missing. During the Christmas holidays – concluded the president Fipe Confcommercio – there were group dinners, this year they failed “.

Daniel Bellavista who runs a local in the city center also saw a decline: “Fortunately, we cannot complain because we have a fairly consolidated clientele, it does not go as it was before but we cannot complain. It is obvious that it is as if there was some sort of unofficial lockdown – explained Bellavista -, there are few people around. We try to react positively mentally. Obviously we have had some losses, it is all related to the period and attendance “.

“Fortunately, we are continuing to work because we have loyal customers and they trust us – says Alessio Termine from 161 -. We try to keep all safety and create a safe environment, we know there is fear among the people and a decline has been seen. Someone tries to enter without the super green pass or during reservations asks if it is possible to enter without, but with us – he cut short term – absolutely not “.