Palermo imposes mandatory sewer connection in Sferracavallo.

The mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, is urging residents of the Sferracavallo neighborhood to connect their sewage systems to the new sewer network within sixty days. The goal is to “protect public health” from illegal dumping of sewage into the municipal sewer system. The mayor’s order follows water tests conducted by the Department of Prevention of the Provincial Health Company. The stretch of sea between the “Stabilimento Bagno” and the “Baia del Corallo” near Via Villino Checchina (Scivoli) is under control and tests show that legal parameters have been exceeded. The Health Company believes that the sea is at risk of pollution and poses a real danger to bathers due to the fluctuating marine currents. According to Lagalla’s provisions, residents of Sferracavallo and those using residential, commercial, and/or industrial properties in the areas near the new sewer network are required to contact the Amap to comply. If residents fail to do so within the sixty-day period, the Urban Police will inspect private sewage systems and may press charges.

Palermo, obbligo di allaccio alla rete fognaria a Sferracavallo

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