Palermo, Illegal Tavern on IACP’s Terrace Seized

Interagency controls have been carried out in the Cep neighborhood in Palermo, Italy, as part of a security protocol called “Alto Impatto”. The operation involved police officers, carabinieri, financial guard, and municipal police, totaling about 110 units. A total of 706 individuals were identified, 271 vehicles were checked, and 70 fines were issued for traffic violations. Fourteen vehicles were seized for not having insurance coverage or other violations. The total amount of administrative fines exceeded €35,000. Additionally, 34 domiciliary checks were conducted on individuals under restrictive measures. Administrative inspections were also carried out on 12 commercial establishments. A tire repair company was inspected by the financial guard, leading to an investigation of the owner for failure to inform workers about health and safety risks and failure to provide proper training on the use of hazardous equipment. The presence of an undeclared worker was also discovered, and a report was sent to the Labor Inspectorate. The municipal police inspected two food and beverage establishments for violations of public space occupancy regulations and requested documentation to verify compliance. A tavern was seized both criminally and administratively for being constructed without the necessary building permit and safety certificate. The owner was fined €6,000 for operating the establishment without the required administrative and fiscal authorizations. Eleven people present during the inspection were identified, with ten having previous police records and one receiving an oral warning from the police chief.

Palermo, al Cep una taverna abusiva sulla terrazza dello Iacp: scatta il sequestro

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