Palermo, illegal shops in Montepellegrino: blitz of urban police


The Palermo municipal police conducted an operation against illegal trade near the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia in Montepellegrino, denouncing twenty merchants. Several open positions that will lead to the issue of demolition orders. As happened near the cemetery of Sant’Orsola, where years later it was discovered that the buildings near the cemetery were abusive, the same situation is also repeated in Montepellegrino. Yesterday, the military of the weapon had to intervene to quell the protests of traders against the sanctuary parish priest, guilty, according to the shopkeepers, of having presented a complaint to free the area from illegal buildings. Some had permits for stalls, but they built abusive homes for residential homes also within the reserve, in the woods. Now the various bodies are preparing the evacuation and seizure orders. At the moment a shop was authorized that was authorized to occupy 10 meters …

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