Palermo has the best defense in the league, but concerns about goals conceded in last 5 matches.

How does a team in full crisis of play and results manage to have the best defense in Serie B? A strange scenario yet very true. This is indeed the case of Palermo, which has only conceded 10 goals in the championship and has outperformed all the other 19 teams, including the top two in the standings, Parma and Venezia. The team coached by Fabio Pecchia has in fact conceded 12 goals, three only in the last match played away against Lecco, while the Venetians have conceded 11. A drop of positivity in a sea of black, the result of the good start in the first 8 games. But in the last 5 matches, Palermo has conceded 6 goals, more than half the total. Only against Brescia did they keep a clean sheet, while they conceded two goals to Lecco and Spezia, one in Genoa against Sampdoria and one against Cittadella. After the victory against Modena, something has changed. They need to regain that solidity to start over and appeal to the defensive solidity of a month ago.

Palermo, la difesa resta la migliore del campionato ma preoccupano i gol presi nelle ultime 5 partite

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