Palermo, green light to go back to burying in the Rolls cemetery

The number of bodies awaiting accommodation is still high. At the moment there are 1246 coffins waiting (736 requests for burial, 451 for burial and 50 entrusted to charities, according to the data provided by the grillino councilor Antonio Randazzo), essentially the cemetery is in the same situation as at the end of August. And this despite the fact that, for example, burials have been resumed which in some way made it possible to avoid further accumulations. Four months have passed since the administration took office and the proxies distributed. There hasn’t been a breakthrough yet. But some good news begins to peep out. For example, that the technical testing of the works on the rocky ridge above Santa Maria dei Rotoli was positive and at this point, from the first working day, the teams of workers will be able to enter the fields and begin cleaning and disinfestation.

In the Giornale di Sicilia, a service by Giancarlo Macaluso on the newsstands today

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