Palermo government comes to the aid of looted school: “You will retrieve everything that has been stolen”

Education Minister Giuseppe Valditara has promised to restore everything that was stolen from the Mother Teresa of Calcutta school in Palermo and visit the school. The school recently experienced vandalism and theft, resulting in the loss of school materials and instruments. The community has rallied around the school, with institutions and local associations offering support. The principal of the school had a lengthy conversation with the Education Minister, explaining the school’s importance as a melting pot of cultures and religions. The minister has promised to provide assistance and requested a list of damages. Despite bureaucratic delays in repairs, students have returned to the school, and teachers are working hard to restore the damaged facilities. The school has been waiting for 15 years for the completion of renovations and the opening of new facilities.

Palermo, il governo in soccorso della scuola svaligiata: «Riavrete tutto ciò che vi è stato rubato»

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