Palermo girl gang-raped on social media: “You’ve crossed the line with your judgments on my videos”

A 19-year-old girl from Palermo, who was raped in July by seven boys, has chosen to speak out against those who criticize and attack her on social media. She is tired of being judged and refuses to accept accusations that she “deserved” the violence. She warns that such comments can push other girls who have gone through similar experiences to harm themselves. The girl has reported the seven rapists, who are all in jail. She also shared information about revenge porn and the consequences for those who share explicit videos or images without consent. The video of the rape, filmed by one of the boys, was used by the police to identify all the perpetrators. It is not clear who the intended audience was for the video or if the boy had planned to profit from sharing it online.

Palermo, la ragazza violentata dal branco sui social: «Avete rotto con i vostri giudizi sui miei video»

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