Palermo, from the Pnrr 33 million euros for places of culture

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There are numerous sites in the Sicilian capital and in the province that will receive resources for energy efficiency, restoration and enhancement of museums, churches, parks and gardens

PALERMO – Rain of millions arriving in Sicily and Palermo thanks to funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
The Ministry of Culture has in fact published the decrees for the allocation of over 1.8 billion euros for the improvement of energy efficiency 348 theaters (89 million), 274 cinemas (100 million), 120 state museums and cultural sites (100 million); for theseismic adaptation 257 places of worship, towers and bell towers (240 million); for the restoration 286 churches of the FEC, the Fund for a cult building of the Ministry of the Interior (250 million); for the economic, social and cultural regeneration of 310 villages (760 million); for the restoration and enhancement of 134 parks and gardens of cultural interest (287 million).

“With the publication of the decrees for the allocation of resources – reads a note from the Mic – the Ministry led by Dario Franceschini confirms the PNRR roadmap and achieves all the objectives that were set for June 30th.
This result was possible thanks to the constant and virtuous collaboration that the structures of the Ministry have had with the Mef, the local authorities, the Regions, the Anci, the autonomous provinces, the world of associations, economic operators and associations of category”.

Dozens of sites interested in Palermo and its province

Dozens of sites interested in Palermo and its province, for a total of approximately 33 million.
Between the parks and gardens, 2 million has been allocated for Villa Tasca1.97 forBotanical Garden of the University and 2 for the Piersanti Mattarella Garden (the former English Garden).
But there are, among others, also the Garden of the Duke of Serradifalco in via Dante (1,3), the monumental historical park and the historical buildings of Villa Valguarnera in Bagheria (1.4 million) e Villa Sgadari in Petralia Soprana (1.9).

The villages

Among the villages receiving PNRR funds, nine are part of the Metropolitan City of the capital: 1.6 million will end up in San Mauro Castelverde, 1.2 in Ustica, 1.6 in Polizzi Generosa, 1.6 in Gratteri, 1.9 in Mezzojuso and Ventimiglia di Sicilia, 1.6 in Villafrati, 1.3 in Isnello and 1.5 in Bisacquino.

The churches

Among the Fec churches, 268 thousand euros go to the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli ai Cappuccini in Carini, 550 thousand to the Abbey of San Martino delle Scale in Monreale, 750 thousand to the Church of Santa Maria di Gesù in Petralia Soprana and, in the capital, 150 thousand euro to San Giorgio la Kemonia (a stone’s throw from the Unesco route and from San Giovanni degli Eremiti), 200,000 to San Gregorio Papa in Boccadifalco, 200,000 to Santissimo Salvatore in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 350,000 to Sant’Anna la Misericordia (to the Lattarini, in ‘homonymous piazza Sant’Anna), 550 thousand in the church and convent of San Nicola da Tolentino in via Maqueda, 750 thousand in Santa Ninfa dei Crociferi (also in via Maqueda), 1.1 million in San Domenico (the Pantheon) and 2 million tondi to Santa Caterina d’Alessandria in Piazza Bellini, which faces two other sites of the Arab-Norman UNESCO itinerary, Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio or “Martorana” and San Cataldo.
Another million and 600 thousand euros is foreseen for the adaptation and seismic safety of the Church of Sant’Ignazio Martire of the Congregation of San Filippo Neri.

The cinemas

Let’s move on to the cinemas.
The Cityplex Tiffany with € 376 thousand, the Marconi multiplex with € 148 thousand, the Cityplex Metropolitan with half a million and the Uci Cinemas at the Forum shopping center with € 85 thousand will be redone.
As for the theaters, 416 thousand euros are coming for the Massimo and 122 thousand for the Sant’Eugenio directed by the actor Mario Pupella.

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