Palermo, Friday 24 the Active woman award returns

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PALERMO – “Universo Sicilia” will take place on Friday 24 June at 7.00 pm, in the spaces of Palazzo Branciforte in Palermo, during the event the prestigious awards will be given in the presence of the authorities.
The event is organized by Ina Modica, president of the active woman association, and by the members, sponsored by the Presidency of the Sicilian region and the Ars, by the Municipality of Monreale, by the Order of Journalists and by Assostampa, Unicredit, Logos, Euromanager health , Donnaimpresa Confartigianato, the Sicily Foundation and other private sponsors.

In the 2022 edition, the Prize will be awarded to Roberta Urso (President of the Women of Wine Association), Paolo Miceli and Sergio Sensat (Owners of the Sicilian olive oil company of the same name), Patrizia Roccamatisi, Iole Nappi, Francesca Giammona and Loredana Lauricella (School managers), Tiziana Tavella (President of the Sicilian Press Association), Sara Cucchiara (Lady Chef Association Manager), Lucia Lauro (Onlus Regeneration Cooperative Manager), Delia Romano (Amiche Rosanero Facebook Group Administrator), Marcello Giliberti (Telimar President Palermo), Stefania Baio (BE Shopping magazine publisher and entrepreneur), Cinzia Camarda (Architect and Fashion designer), Federica Terrana (Journalist).
The appointment of honorary member will be conferred to the specialist doctor Emanuela Giovenco.

The award ceremony will be interspersed with and enlivened by themed entertainment and a fashion show, on the catwalk the garments of the designer Daniela Cocco and the Pacofrancisco store.

“Universo Sicilia” is an event created with the aim of encouraging and supporting prominent personalities who with intuition and courage have distinguished themselves by being the promoters of initiatives in various fields (from economy to culture, from crafts to art / creative) that have a particular social impact both locally and nationally.

The aim is to help give visibility to the efforts and creativity of various professional figures.
An opportunity also to promote models of action and experiences that stimulate and inspire others.
It will be a moment to bring together different sectors and talk about contemporary entrepreneurship, with its new impulses and new choices.

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