Palermo, Fragalà murder: 4 sentences and two acquittals on appeal

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The Assize Court of Appeal of Palermo, confirming the first instance sentence, he sentenced four of the six defendants accused of the murder of the lawyer Enzo Fragalàbeaten to death a few meters from his office and died in hospital on February 26, 2010.

The boss was sentenced to 30 years Antonino Abbateconsidered the material perpetrator of the crime, to 24 Francesco Arcuri and at 22 Salvatore Ingrassia.
Fourteen years have been inflicted on the declarant Antonino Siragusa to which the judges recognized the special attenuating circumstance of collaboration with justice.
Francesco Castronovo acquitted of Paolo Cocco.

The accusation was represented by the pg Carlo Marzella and by Francesca Mazzocco and Bruno Brucoli, prosecutors of the first instance then applied to the appeal process.
The provisional payments for the civil parties have also been confirmed: 100 thousand euros each to the wife and children of the criminal lawyer.
Seventy thousand euros had been paid to the mother of the criminal lawyer, who had died in the meantime, 25 thousand to the Criminal Chamber and to the Council of the Bar Association, 10 thousand to the National Bar Council.
The investigation into the murder of the criminal lawyer, who was also a national parliamentarian of AN, was initially archived and then reopened after the statements of the collaborator of justice Francesco Chiarello who named the principals and material executors of the attack.
And he indicated to the investigators the motive for the ambush, which later resulted in murder.
Fragalà would have been killed on input from the Porta Nuova boss Antonino Abbate because on more than one occasion he would have induced his clients to collaborate with the investigators.
Furthermore, with the attack, the mafia wanted to give a warning to all the lawyers.

Over time, the declarations of Chiarello have been joined by those of Antonino Siragusa, one of the defendants of the crime who admitted, while reducing his responsibilities, reconstructing the roles of the co-defendants in the attack.
According to Chiarello, who tells of having only taken part in the preparatory phase of the murder, to kill Fragalà would have been Francesco Arcuri, who would have organized the attack on the orders of the Porta Nuova boss Gregorio Di Giovanni (never arrested because there would be no elements sufficient at his expense), Antonino Abbate, Siragusa and Salvatore Ingrassia.
Abbate, Siragusa and Ingrassia would have waited outside the office for the criminal lawyer, they would have immobilized and beat him, Francesco Castronovo and Paolo Cocco, who were acquitted, however, probably under the influence of drugs, to say of the repentant aspirant, they would have taken him with sticks smashing his skull.
The lawyer, who immediately appeared very serious, died after three days in a coma.
Siragusa, on the other hand, had come to argue that Cocco and Castronovo would not have participated in the ambush and had also cleared Arcuri.

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