Palermo, found the state funds for the new hospital

First concrete steps towards the construction of the new Policlinico hospital in Palermo. The project, supported by the rector Massimo Midiri, has found the full availability of the president of the Region Renato Schifani and the commissioner of the university hospital, Salvatore Iacolino. This morning in a four-party summit, held by the presidency of the Region, also attended by the president of the School of Medicine, Marcello Ciaccio, it was agreed to follow up the investigation for the construction of the new hospital using the resources destined for the modernization of the heritage healthcare with funds from the state, pursuant to art. 20 of law 67/88.

In particular, it is a question of 340 million, which had initially been destined for the construction of the “Policivico” which envisaged the merger of the Civico and the Policlinico, a project which will have to be reviewed in the light of today’s meeting, shifting resources in relation to the new and distinct projects, in agreement with the Ministry of Health. In the next few days, the start of the administrative procedures for the elaboration of the project is expected, to be carried out in an area of ​​the viale delle Scienze campus owned by the Municipality near the motorway junctions, of a single block of high architectural and technology with about 450 beds. The project, which will have to be shared with the municipal administration of Palermo led by Roberto Lagalla, will follow the model hypothesized by Renzo Piano which envisages a complex and multifunctional hospital with a high technological and welfare content, responsible not only for treatment and assistance, to diagnosis and therapy, but also to research and training.

Iacolino comments: «It is an extraordinary opportunity to improve health care throughout Sicily. Once the machine has been started, it will be necessary to supervise the timing and methods of achieving this strategic objective, favoring the integration between the hospital and the university, with rapid, concrete and incisive action». Midiri observes: «The ambitious goal of the project is the further development of research and teaching through a health structure which, from a technological point of view, will make the institutional aims of university health care increasingly concrete. I thank the President of the Region Renato Schifani – concludes the Magnificent Rector – for having given immediate impetus to such a wide-ranging project».

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