Palermo, formerly repentant: from the mystical crisis to citizenship income

He negotiated the penalty. In 2011 first he spoke of Brancaccio’s mafia and then backed off

PALERMO – He negotiated a year and five months in prison. He had asked for and obtained citizenship income even though he knew he was not entitled to it, having been convicted of crimes aggravated by the mafia method. Strange story that of Antonino Li Causi, now condemned. In 2011 he said he wanted to collaborate with justice, then backed off.

He was an unsuspected

He said he was an unsuspected pawn for the Brancaccio clan’s dirty work and was ready to name other names. A couple of months later he thought better of it, claimed to have been assaulted by a mystical crisis. Now he reappears on the judicial scene for a crime that has nothing to do with the Cosa Nostra.

The extenuating circumstances for your health condition

Li Causi would have been one of the many “crafty” of citizenship income. He was granted generic extenuating circumstances for his health conditions. He explained that he turned to a Caf to get the subsidy from the state. He did not know that those who had committed a certain type of crime were excluded. At the end of a trial held in 2013 Li Causi was acquitted of the crime of external competition in a mafia association and convicted of detention of a gun and injuries, with the mafia aggravating circumstance.

The defense explained that the initial decree law did not provide for the prohibition of requesting the subsidy for those who had this type of precedent and was introduced only later when it was converted into law. In short, Li Causi explained that he was wrong, but in good faith. Even if that were the case, the law does not admit ignorance. Dura lex, sed lex.


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