Palermo, former Florio palace for sale: Casina Grande seeks new owners

One of the eight historic residences in Palermo where the Florio family lived is seeking new owners. Palazzo Wirz all’Olivuzza, abandoned for years, is now up for sale through a real estate agency that has posted the listing online. The property has a total area of 1550 square meters spread over three floors, with two entrances, an inner courtyard, and eight bedrooms. The selling price is 1.8 million euros. The sale could represent a rebirth for the “Casina Grande” of the Florio family, as the building, although in need of complete restoration, holds great historical and architectural value, offering significant potential. The real estate agency emphasizes the property’s appeal to historical context enthusiasts, as well as investors interested in exclusive real estate or hospitality projects. The description provides details about the building’s neogothic-catalan style and its prestigious features. After being owned by the Florio family and later by the Wirz family, the palace was sold to a real estate company in the 1990s and is now seeking new owners to restore its former glory.

Palermo, l’ex palazzo dei Florio è in vendita: la Casina Grande cerca nuovi proprietari

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