Palermo. Floods, Musumeci Five million to secure the Misilmeri basin

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A so-called “alluvial” plain of about 200 hectares, located upstream of the urban center of Misilmeri, where at least three thousand permanent inhabitants have settled which, in the summer period, triple.
For decades, violent storms, which by now know no seasons, have brought this area called Piano Stoppa to its knees and classified in the Pai with the high risk code R4.

To definitively eliminate any danger linked to overflowing floods, which regularly hit the houses and make the roads in this area of ​​the Municipality of Palermo impassable, the Musumeci government has allocated five million euros.

“A loan that will make it possible to carry out the works necessary to restore serenity to many people after a very long wait”, underlines the president of the Sicilian Region, head of the anti-hydrogeological structure that will disburse the sums and will follow, step by step, the ‘procedure for entrusting the work.

«We have always paid the utmost attention to vulnerable territories like this – adds the governor Nello Musumeci -, aware that the indifference of the past has often been paid for at the very high price of some human lives.

We quickly responded to the city administration, which provided us with the executive project, making the necessary resources available.
Soon, therefore, it will be possible to intervene and remove any pitfalls and all the inconveniences that citizens have had to suffer up to now ».

The rolling tank built over ten years ago, with the aim of collecting and decanting rainwater, proved to be insufficient to prevent real rivers of mud from forming.

Now, in addition to cleaning and restoring all the old gullies on which adequate maintenance has not been done for years, a second large pool will be created near the sports field.
It will not be just a hydraulic work but the whole area, of about one hectare, will be equipped as an urban park: a meeting place that will give further decoration to the Misilmeri area.

08 July 2022 | 03:25

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