Palermo. Flood risk, new regional directives to make waterways safe

#Palermo #Flood #risk #regional #directives #waterways #safe #Libertà #Sicilia directives to local authorities and institutional entities for a correct management of the so-called hydraulic risk, which potentially lurks in the waterways of the Sicilian territory.
These were issued by the Sicilian Region through its Basin Authority, on the input of President Nello Musumeci.
In particular, the new guidelines concern “bridges and crossings”, “coverings and drains”, “waste water treatment and drinking supply plants”, which fall within the most exposed areas identified by the Flood Risk Management Plan (Pgra ).

«It is a question of constantly adhering to precise and mandatory rules – explains the governor – so that the level of rivers and streams particularly exposed to sudden swellings is constantly kept under control.
All the subjects who, for various reasons, have the responsibility of putting these waterways under attention must also have a constant comparison with our structure.
For this reason I asked the secretary general Leonardo Santoro to start a series of meetings that serve to make an updated point on the situations most at risk, but also to sensitize the various territorial realities on the subject “.

The directives, which contain the criteria and technical prescriptions on the design of new works and on the verification of the hydraulic compatibility of existing ones, also provide scrupulous indications for the safety of the major road and railway infrastructures and of the water sector systems particularly exposed to flood risk.

A fourth provision, called the “Overflow Directive”, sets stricter rules for the removal of sediments present in the Sicilian hydrographic network, in order to prevent dangerous situations, and assigns the task of providing them to the Municipalities of the island.
An action – it is specified – that will have to systematically contemplate “respect for the river environment, sediment dynamics processes and the function of ecological corridor of the watercourse”.

“With the full application of these directives, also addressed to the managers of hydraulic infrastructures – assures the secretary general of the Authority, Leonardo Santoro – a substantial leap in quality will be determined in the prevention of the danger of devastating floods, but also in the protection of our heritage environmental”.

01 April 2022 | 09:23

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