Palermo, flash mob of the students of ‘Vittorio Emanuele Orlando’ against the war in Ukraine

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The school does not stand by! And so the pupils of the “Vittorio Emanuele Orlando” Lower Secondary School of Palermotoday March 17 at 12.30, they did not stand by and launched an initiative against the wargiving life in the four external spaces of the institute to a flash mob simple but with a strong emotional impact.

The flash mob was attended by a large representation of the student community, about 120 boys and girls, ready to say “No” to the war in Ukraine.
During the flashmob, the students voiced their heartfelt appeal through several posters, in which the reproduction of Banksy’s work “Children on Arms” was accompanied by words such as humanity, respect, dignity, ending in chorus with the cry “PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! WHO MAKES WAR FORGET HUMANITY “.
All this took place on the notes of the “Hymn to Joy” played by the violinists and flutists of the musical course.
A call for peace from the innocent hearts of children who observe adults wage war, but who better understand the value of dialogue and solidarity.

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