Palermo finance officers help Bellolampo shelter: 200 kg of pet food donated

The finance police of the provincial command in Palermo have donated 200kg of animal feed to the Bellolampo shelter, managed by the Ada association. The shelter was affected by one of the many fires that have hit the city in July, causing significant damages due to its location. The flames destroyed several buildings and a large part of the materials, including the animal feed, putting the lives of the animals in serious danger. In response, the Palermo finance police decided to support the shelter by donating food that is regularly purchased for their own canine units. The Palermo finance police have a team of highly specialized canine units that have been crucial in sectors where the human-dog combination is essential, such as combating drug trafficking and smuggling. The volunteers who manage the shelter expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the gesture, and the opportunity was taken to also donate team gadgets as a sign of support from the Palermo provincial command to a struggling local reality that deserves protection.

Palermo, i finanzieri in aiuto del canile di Bellolampo: donati 200 chili di mangime

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