Palermo, Ficarra and Aiello (UDC): “Rejection of the consolidated financial statements, yet another chapter of a political failure”

The City Council of Palermo, during the session held on 2 April, rejected the consolidated financial statements for the year 2019. The absences of some councilors who make up the majority coalition at Palazzo delle Aquile were decisive for the outcome of the vote. Thirteen favorable opinions compared to four against and nine abstentions: an epilogue that led to the rejection of the act. A circumstance that inevitably generates a negative reverberation in terms of operational fluidity within the current Public Administration of the Sicilian capital, blocking in terms of the law any type of contractual stabilization or new hiring of municipal employees.The deputy regional coordinator of the UDC Sicily, Elio Ficarra, expresses his disappointment and asks, as a representative of the centrist party a Hall of Tombstones, the immediate resignation of mayor, Leoluca Orlando.

“Lfailure to approve the consolidated financial statements constitutes a politically very serious and conceptually eloquent act. Orlando he was in fact disheartened by his own majority, yet another, bleak, chapter of what I personally believe to be a bankruptcy management on a political and administrative level. Due to the state of neglect, abandonment and degradation in which our city currently finds itself, further exacerbated by the global health emergency we are experiencing, it is inconceivable not to even be able to vote on a basic and highly significant document. The rejection of the resolution in the Chamber will inevitably end up ballasting the activity of the City Council, the disintegration of the majority, translated into terms of absences in the last focal session, risks causing very serious repercussions. Palermo is already in a particularly critical state, among disservices of all kinds, negligence and absence of city institutions in the suburbs, worrying unemployment rate, a vast basin of precarious work awaiting protection and answers. Mayor Orlando and his majority have shown that they have exhausted the patrimony of credibility and trust assigned to them by the Palermitans – concludes the municipal councilor of Palermo at high altitude UDC – they no longer hold numbers and political requirements suitable to govern this city. I hope for a serene and self-critical awareness on the part of Leoluca Orlando, asking for his immediate resignation from the office of Statutory Auditor of Palermo.

On the same wavelength the citizen coordinator ofUDC in Palermo, Andrea Aiello. “Land absences recorded by the directors of the majority, at the basis of the non-approval of the consolidated financial statements, represent a clear demonstration of the irresponsibility and inadequacy of the current administration. Net of the bureaucratic and legislative aspects, as well as the numerical feedback that gave rise to the epilogue of the vote in the Chamber, I believe it is very serious not to understand the extent of the ruinous consequences that such a political thud can generate on a city already opposed by a series of problems of not easy resolution. Ratifying the approval of the document would have had a strategic and preparatory value that goes well beyond the accounting and bureaucratic aspects. To undermine the timing, procedures and functions of the Council means further delaying the response of the institutions to the state of social, economic and structural emergency in which our city finds itself. The mayor Orlando has shown once more, together with his majority, that he no longer has numbers and conditions to govern the city of Palermo. Resigning from the office of first citizen of the Sicilian capital would be a conscientious and appropriate gesture. It is necessary to have the intellectual honesty and the courage, in the light of irrefutable evidence, to put an end to a management that I consider disastrous from every point of view “.

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