Palermo, Fi summit tomorrow with Ronzulli, here is the line of the “orthodox”

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Forza Italia as an “essential beacon”, anchoring to the coalition respecting the center-right line without escaping forward and without “the wavering attitudes that have characterized the management of the party especially in recent months”: this is the position that the so-called ‘orthodox’ of Forza Italia will bring to tomorrow’s summit with Senator Licia Ronzulli in Palermo to bring together the big Sicilians and attempt to reconcile the two souls of the party now at loggerheads.
The ‘Orthodox’ will also claim to have first indicated to the leader Gianfranco Miccich√® the need to nominate a member of Forza Italia for mayor of Palermo, expressly mentioning the name of Francesco six months ago Cascio “while at that stage the candidacy of Roberto Lagalla was supported and then discharged.” “We need clarification if we want to recompose the situation because the differences exist,” say the party’s ‘orthodox’ sources.
The meeting should be held in the offices of the parliamentary group in Palazzo dei Normanni, but the decision has not yet been taken.


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