Palermo-Feralpisalò: 1-0. Insigne scores with Henderson’s assist. Live updates.

The match between Palermo and Feralpisaló at Barbera stadium. Leo Stulac remains the key player in Palermo’s midfield. Gomes gets a break as a defensive midfielder, and Henderson makes his debut on the bench instead of Vasic. Aurelio returns to the left defensive flank, with Lund ready to come off the bench. In attack, Di Francesco is benched, while Di Mariano, Brunori, and Insigne continue as a trio. Feralpisaló, led by Stefano Vecchi, plays in a 3-4-3 formation with former Palermo player Fiordilino in midfield. Compagnon, La Mantia, and Di Molfetta are selected for the attack. Here is the live minute-by-minute update of the match.

Palermo-Feralpisalò: 1-0. DIRETTA. Segna Insigne su assist di Henderson

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