Palermo, false Covid vaccinations: another nurse arrested

She favored two no vax spouses and pretended to inoculate the third dose on herself

PALERMO – Other false Covid vaccinations, another house arrest ends Giorgia Camarda, 58 years, nurse in Infectious Diseases Department of the Civic Hospital of Palermo who worked overtime at the hub of the Mediterranean Fair set up to combat the pandemic.

The measure was carried out by Digos agents. The Public Prosecutor’s Office disputes the crimes of embezzlement and forgery of the woman.

Camarda allegedly performed fake vaccinations to two spouses no vax, but there may be others, and simulated the third dose inoculation on herself.

On 21 last December Anna Maria Lo Brano was arrested, also a nurse at the Civico and in Come on to the Fair.

First an admission of guilt on his part. Then a confession rebuilt by Livesicilia with lots of names. There were omitted in his report of last January 5th.

At one point Lo Brano to the deputy prosecutor Sergio Demontis and to the substitute Felice De Benedittis reported that his colleague Camarda “… had regularly taken the first two doses with Pfizer but was afraid of the third dose that would have been carried out with the Moderna medicine … we agreed that I would have simulated the inoculation… I did not receive any money ”.

It was a favor to overcome the fear of the dose booster . Instead, people usually paid to organize the staging. They showed up at the hub and Nurse Lo Brano pretended to inject the dose. He pushed the plunger of the syringe that had been emptied onto a piece of gauze a second before the needle was pierced. He did it for money. Hence the accusation of corruption and embezzlement.

The same thing would have done Camarda (who is not contested for corruption) with the two spouses who are now being investigated for complicity in embezzlement and forgery. A camera placed by the Digos policemen, in agreement with the commissioner that manages the pavilion of the Fair, filmed the scene.

False vaccinations

There are many more cases of false vaccinations than those that have emerged so far and there would be other corrupt health professionals. The cops are sifting through some documents to track down the vaccine creeps.

Together with Lo Brano, the detergent trader Giuseppe Tomasino and the leader of the Palermo no vax Filippo Accept were arrested. The day the two paid for the fake vaccinations there was another person present, probably a doctor: “… the money, a total of 1. 800 euro, were delivered by Tomasino and Accept in the hands of omissis who then once in the car after the meeting gave me my share of 600 euro ”. The omitted may soon fall.

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