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Palermo, excluded from the extension of the Covid i 23 contracts of the Zooprophylactic

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“The Sicilian Region has succeeded in extending the contracts of about 9 thousand precarious workers of the Covid emergency, forgetting, however, 23 highly qualified workers, among the most qualified, who have been without a job since 1 April.
An inexplicable paradox ».

The parliamentary of the Democratic Party Carmelo Miceli intervenes on the case of the drive-in staff of the Sicilian Zooprophylactic Institute in via Marinuzzi, in Palermo.
These are biologists, laboratory technicians and veterinarians hired under
in November 2020 who, however, did not have the same fate as the other 9 thousand precarious Sicilian health workers, doctors and administrators who benefited from the contract renewal.

«There are 23 employees of the Zooprofilattico who, for months, have guaranteed the drive-in activity, fully giving their skills and professionalism.
Workers who – adds Miceli – during the pandemic performed an indispensable service for Palermo, but the only ones in the entire emergency sector to have been sent home.
The only ones in all of Sicily.
Are they perhaps precarious in Serie B? ».

«In their place – says the deputy dem – despite the resources invested by the Zooprophylactic Institute for their training, other staff was sent by the ASP to ensure continuity at the presidium.
Since the workers have been given the welcome and that the Region has not bothered to include them in the extension plan, I will support their reasons by immediately asking Minister Speranza if it is permissible that those who have dedicated their commitment and efforts to the fight the Coronavirus is treated in this way “.

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