Palermo, excluded from a competition at the University, wins the appeal to the TAR

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PALERMO – She had been excluded from a competition from the University of Palermo for the guidance and tutoring center despite having obtained a score of 26 out of 30 and 25 out of 30 in the written tests and 19 out of 30 in the oral test.
which did not allow her to be eligible and to be included in the ranking.

Against this decision, the candidate filed an appeal with the TAR of Palermo assisted by the lawyers Girolamo Rubino and Calogero Marino.
The lawyers have shown that according to the rules of the competitions of the University of Palermo, the interview is considered passed with a score of 18 out of 30 and not 21 out of 30 as the examination commission had decided.
So the young woman had also passed the oral one.
The judges of the first section of the TAR of Palermo chaired by Salvatore Veneziano accepted the appeal and admitted the candidate excluded from the competition in the ranking.

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