Palermo: Ex-judge Saguto’s sentence partially confirmed, will receive reduced penalty

The allegations against Silvana Saguto, the former president of the prevention measures section in Palermo, have only been partially upheld by the Supreme Court. She was under trial for corruption, forgery, and abuse of office. Some charges against her were dropped, while others were sent back to the Court of Appeal in Caltanissetta for a reconsideration of the sentence. In the previous trial, she had been sentenced to 8 years and 10 months. The sentence will likely be reduced in the new appeal process after today’s verdict. Therefore, for now, she does not risk going to prison. The case originated from an investigation into the mismanagement of confiscated assets belonging to Mafia groups by the section led by Saguto. According to the prosecution, the judge, in exchange for gifts and favors for herself and her family, would allocate the confiscated assets only to professionals in her inner circle, resulting in millions of euros in administration fees. The Supreme Court annulled the convictions for embezzlement, reclassifying them as aggravated fraud, attempted extortion reclassified as undue influence, and forgery. Similar decisions were made for other individuals involved in the case, including administrators Gaetano Cappellano Seminara, Lorenzo and Emanuele Caramma, Nicola Santangelo, Carmelo Provenzano, Roberto Di Maria, and former prefect Francesca Cannizzo. Their sentences will also be recalculated in a new appeal process. However, some corruption charges against Saguto, such as her involvement with Cappellano Seminara and Provenzano, still remain. Saguto’s lawyer, Ninni Reina, stated that he would not comment on the Supreme Court’s verdict, just as he didn’t comment on the verdicts of the previous two instances.

Palermo, condanna confermata parzialmente per l’ex giudice Saguto e avrà uno sconto di pena

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